Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Nintendo DSi and other news

Late news is better than no news, and I think this news is just good overall.

First off, Nintendo announces their new hardware, the Nintendo DSi. Only slightly longer than its DS Lite cousin, the new model ditches the GBA slot on the bottom, while adding in two new cameras (one by the mic, the other outside), music capabilities, an SD card slot, and slightly larger display screens.

In all honesty, I'm relieved that the new model is not drastically different than the previous model. But when will Nintendo release a true successor to its popular, money-making portable hardware? For the most part, I believe my DS Lite may be good to retire shortly after its late 2009 launch, so I'd be happy to purchase the new model and play with its new features.

In addition to the new hardware, there was the game lineup for the rest of the year, as well as addressing storage space issues with the Wii. But probably the most interesting news to come out of the press conference was the news that a US Club Nintendo will be finally established. Hopefully, the US version will release some wicked awesome items that even the Japanese will soon be envious of obtaining. But there's a lot to live up to already, so the US has a lot of work on their hands.
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