Friday, October 24, 2008

Officially disacknowledging "TGIF," starting "WTF"

I'm sick and tired of the ol' "TGIF" saying. It brings about ancient memories of a string of 1980s sitcoms and an unsavory restaurant chain, and frankly, it's pretty worn out.

So from this point onward, I'm personally declaring Fridays as "WTF," or "Wait 'Til Friday."

What? What did you think I meant?

Anyways, I'll reserve these days to posting something game-related that makes me scream "WTF," which will remind me to post it on Friday.

Clever, huh?

To commemorate this event, let's discuss about the virtual murder of a Maple Story character that resulted in a real life arrest.


Basically, after a woman in Tokyo realized she was suddenly divorced by her husband, she proceeds to hack into his Maple Story account and kill (essentially, delete) his character. While no actual blood was shed, the woman still faces charges for hacking into a computer and manipulating data, up to 5 years in prison or a fine up to $5000.

Okay, I understand the hatred. I understand the urge to hurt, even toward a virtual character. But couldn't she have done so without illegally hacking into an account? She could have done something more egotistically hurtful like putting something humiliating on eBay, or something to that caliber.

At least, if you hack into someone's account, don't leave virtual fingerprints behind. She could've played dumb and pretended to not know anything about technology. As a woman, she could've at least gotten away with that.

Seriously, WTF?? (the other "WTF")
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