Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kingdom Hearts 2...finished again!

It's rare when I finish a game for a second time on my own accord, and rarer still to enjoy the process of playing through a game again. However, Kingdom Hearts 2 was one of those very few instances where I enjoyed doing both. While the reward for me this time was a simple hidden video that I could've probably searched for on YouTube, the satisfaction of unlocking a tucked-away treasure on my own through a game I wholeheartedly enjoyed playing was a treat in itself.

You see, in Kingdom Hearts 2, there's this hidden video that, under normal mode, you can unlock if you complete everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - in Jiminy's Journal. Since that was almost a near impossibility for me, my other alternative was to complete the game in hard mode, with all of the worlds completed, which also unlocked the video. Seeing the simple (yet daunting) task of just finishing the game again before me, I decided to finish what I had started years ago.

And today marks the day I've finally finished Kingdom Hearts 2 once again, in hard mode, while successfully unlocking the hidden movie alluding before my very eyes.

Yes, I believe this was all worth the trouble NOT seeing it on YouTube.
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