Thursday, December 4, 2008

Zero Punctuation double review: Guitar Hero: World Tour and Mirror's Edge

To compensate for last week's and this week's "Lazy Wednesday," I'm posting a double feature "Super Lazy Thursday" edition of Zero Punctuation.

First off was last week's review of Guitar Hero: World Tour. While the game didn't surprise me much in its song selection or style, the drums were a delight to play with. If I had an ideal setup, I'd have the drums from GH:WT and the guitar from Rock Band 2.

For this week, Yahtzee reviews Mirror's Edge, coming to the conclusion that I somewhat expected - that the game had much more potential in it, but that Dice didn't go the extra mile to deliver it. Personally, I still find the parkour-inspired game to be unique in a developer's eye, and take great satisfaction dodging enemies with such grace and finesse.
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