Monday, March 9, 2009

Prince of Persia Epilogue...finished! (Already??)

And within that 2-3 hours of guaranteed gameplay (which I was quite surprised they were so accurate on), the Prince of Persia Epilogue was done surprisingly quick. And I was done with the original game not too long ago, too.

I guess that brought some closure...emphasis on "some." Some of the added gameplay features, like the ability to be on the offensive from far away distances was a nice touch and changed up my battle tactics. Overall, it's a new section of an elaborate playground for me to run around in, while getting some trophies during the process.

But the $10 price tag seemed a bit much for the extra stuff. Despite the added skins for both the prince and princess, it should've went for less than $10. Even $8 would've been more reasonable. Nevertheless, if you enjoyed the original game, the Epilogue should quench some of that end-game thirst. Besides, as long as you didn't pay full-price for it, it's not such a bad purchase.
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