Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Zero Punctuation review: Red Faction Guerrilla

Ah, memories. I remember playing the first Red Faction game on the PS2 and its "destroy anything" mentality. After telling me that I can essentially blast around anything and not take a door, I went to the first door in the caverns and blew the cave along the left side consistantly, burrowing a tunnel that carried me to the other side. Sure, the entire ordeal took almost 10 minutes, but it was very satisfying to blast my own exit.

After two iterations on the PS2, designers decided to try their hand on the next-gen consoles and bring it's "destroy everything" mantra in Red Faction Guerrilla. I have to admit, the appeal of destroying whatever you see still makes me giddy like a kid. Yahtzee apparently also enjoys destroying everything he sees.

His NSFW review below. Enjoy!
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