Monday, July 27, 2009

Hammerin' Hero...finished!

Probably as a result from watching a lot of Game Center CX, I felt motivated once more to pursue that ever-elusive end-game credits screen, so I took out what I could find in my sights...which was Hammerin' Hero.

Granted, it was a game that had its shares of flaws and slowdowns. But through it all, it was still a game - and through Arino's eyes, it was a game that begged the challenge to complete it, to take it down. So, with a fresh new attitude towards video games, I tackled my procrastination and finished the game in one ftell swoop.

I haven't had this feeling since April, when I finished Rhythm Heaven. And, much to my surprise, there is still some redeeming replay value left in the game. There are more people (friends AND enemies) to search for to fill my info database, and there are also the harder difficulties per level to attempt. To get me to still play a game after the end credits rolled is not an easy task, so to see Hammerin' Hero get me to play the game immediately after I finished it is certainly pleasant.

Now, I don't feel so bad getting those figurines with the game's purchase. Plus, I get to mark off another game from my backloggery list!
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