Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zero Punctuation Review: Wii Sports Resort

You will never find anyone more revolted with the Wii than Yahtzee. So you’d think that a game fully utilizing the WiiMotion+ will sway even the most negative gamer.

You’d think so, but then you’d be wrong.

So Yahtzee has the pleasure (er, displeasure?) to review Wii Sports Resort for the Nintendo Wii. Oh joy, this is gonna be fun.

As with video games, I remain unbiased towards Yahtzee’s reviews, and enjoy them for what they truly are – less than 5 minutes of ranting wit that can boil down to what most of us are feeling deep, deep inside but are afraid to actually say. It’s still his brand of humor and that’s what I enjoy the most out of these reviews.

The only argument I have against his review is when he casually calls out table tennis as just tennis all over again. If he bothered with actually trying to utilize the WM+, he’d discover that the motions to perform top and back spin were quite accurate, making the game even more enjoyable and more unique.

Then again, he’d probably tell me to fuck off and play a real game.

Think that was NSFW? Just wait until you check out the review below. Enjoy!

Oh, and I’m still getting the game. Not that you should care.
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