Friday, August 28, 2009

Gaming setup #2

While playing on a nice large HD TV is very nice, the huge thing occupies our living/dining room, and is facing my wife while she's busy. While I respect her space and kindly refrain myself from playing games in her presense (long story short, I just enjoy her company), there ARE two TVs in my house.

So I decided to set up my ol' slim PS2 to the second screen and voila - gaming station #2! While it's not HD, it DOES sport component cables, so the quality still looks crisp.

Sure, I have a PS3 that's backwards compatible and I'm grateful to have luckily scored one that does, but it sometimes becomes a chore to switch between the two types of games. Having to set up the virtual memory card, change to the right controller settings, and with my slew of PS3 games to play...seperating them is probably a good thing.

Plus the new station is in a seperate room. Bad news? It's the bedroom.

No worries. I'm far from being the jerk that plays games in bed all night. Like 13 years far.

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