Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Zero Punctuation review: The Conduit

Is there any Wii game that Yahtzee believes to NOT be marred by the system's control scheme? Is there any Wii game that can live up to Yahtzee's expectations? Is there no justice to the Wii game review in general?

Well, The Escapist doesn't care, so they threw The Conduit into the Yahtzee pit of misfortune.

There are times when I'll laugh at Yahtzee for his jokes. And then there are times that I laugh at him for his ignorance. This is the latter. Well, okay...a little of the former, but the majority at the latter.

I found some faults at the fact he neglected the highly-customizable controls and multiplayer all together just to get his jollies in. But what can you do with a man that has to make a living testing out ALL games that get tossed at him with no choice? Just let the guy rant - it's what he's being paid to do anyways.

It's Wii, so you know it'll be NSFW, so enjoy!
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