Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vacationing in Wii Sports Resort

One of the few games I enjoyed the most during my time at E3, Wii Sports Resort is finally here with its Wiimotion Plus goodness. Playing it is much like the first time I played Wii Sports, except now there's a 1:1 motion capture ratio, which makes swordplay possible and extremely enjoyable.

How enjoyable? How about "muttering-cheesy-lines-while-taking-out-your-opponent" enjoyable? In the Swordplay Showdown mode, you're faced with countless Miis to take down in small hoard groups, and you can't help but feel like a Jedi with the Force as you take down each and every one - it's THAT enjoyable. I still don't get tired of saying "watch your feet" as I trip them up.

This and the other game that really stood out during E3 was their Table Tennis game, which almost accurately captures every top and back spin I put on the ball. I say almost, since it seems to not react quite so quick when I decide a last-minute changeup. But other than that, the game is quite accurate in recreating the advance fun one can have with a ping pong ball.

Of course, there's the classic Bowling that I've loved last time back, and Archery is fun to play. But what really took me by surprise was Basketball, and now natural it was for me to get into it. The game even had a 3-on-3 mode, which got the core mechanics of the game down, all except the running-around-the-court feeling.

Nintendo was right - this is a good place to spend a Stay-cation. Now, to get a second Wiimotion Plus and get my wife to join...
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