Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting a second Wii Motion Plus

With the Wii Motion Plus already out there as a pack-in for Tiger Woods 10 and as a stand alone device, I wonder how people will be making their purchases so as to obtain two devices for 2-player action? Most people will buy a game with the pack-in already there, but will you buy two different games with a pack-in? Or will you get one game and the other as a separate peripheral?

Personally, I'm starting to be more inclined towards getting Tiger Woods 10. The near-perfection swings are really enticing me towards a purchase, and would be a perfect compliment to the Wii Sports Resort game coming out in a month. I mean, you'll need two to play the dual swords and table tennis mini-games, both of which are top games in my book.

Are you guys interested in the Wii Motion Plus? And if you are, what will you guys do to get two of 'em?
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