Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wii Sports Resort - hands on

You can't avoid Wii Sports Resort when dealing with the Wii Motion Plus. And you just can't avoid the similarities between the free pack-in game and Resort. What you REALLY can't ignore, however, is the much improved controls thanks to the WM+.

I've tried two of the most popular games on the floor - Dueling Swords and Table Tennis - to get a feel for both accuracy and precision, and what I got was just that.

The sword wielding felt quite natural, feeling accurate in every hit I landed. In my best moment, I took 4 timely swings, quickly knocking my opponent in the water - a quick left, right, left, and right blow.

The table tennis game was where I really tested the WM+ limits. With some ping-pong experience under my belt, I mopped the floor with my opponent at 6-1. The amazing thing was that the sensor recognized every spin I applied to the ball, feeling absolutely precise and natural.

Color me impressed and sold.

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