Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some hard proof of that "Playing with Mario" story...

Sorry it took a while, but here's the photo that a Nintendo rep helped me take with Charles "It's-a-me, Mario" Martinet. And yes, that's a Mario shirt I'm wearing, albeit with an Atlus band-aid sticker over half of it. And yes, I'm very un-photogenic.

Upon closer inspection, you can tell I caught him in the middle of playing the New Super Mario Bros Wii game, with his Wii-mote strapped to his wrist.

Upon even closer inspection, you can see his clever E3 badge.

Even closer inspection reveals that it's actually a combination of two badges! You can tell the "E3" logo appears twice on the left side. Now THAT'S power!

Then, shortly after this, I got to play the game and two other Nintendo reps. What an awesome experience!
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