Thursday, June 4, 2009

Muramasa - hands on

Finally, I get my hands on Muramasa (misspelled it yesterday, my bad), and what a game it is. The graphics are simply gorgeous, and I often found myself stopping a lot just to appreciate the layered backgrounds and subtle nods to the artistic style.

The gameplay's execution is as smooth as the graphics, with attacks that flow naturally like an action movie. And it wasn't any button mashing - I knew what I was performing, and everything played out beautifully.

Plus, since it's Vanillaware, there are always the little things that give the game so much character - the way your character sheath their sword away, the small glance at you while they run forward, the swaying of the grass realistically. Every moment reminds me of their other awesome game, Odin Sphere. A definite must-buy on the Wii.

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