Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Revolutions

It is now officially 4 days into the new "twenty ten" year. Have you put aside your New Year's resolutions in yet? Sure, there are the typical "I'll lose weight," "I'll be more organized," or "I'll get rid of debt" resolutions, but what about gaming resolutions? What about "I'm gonna finish that game," "I'll give multiplayer a shot," or "I'll get my wife to play a co-op game with me?"

Personally, not only am I making those my gaming resolutions, but I'll add "completing RPGs in a more timely manner" to my list. Atlus, I've got my eye on your games.

In addition to completing games, I'm also making a resolution to push out the harder difficulties in games, just for the added challenge. With well-structured AAA games like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Uncharted 2 giving more incentive to do multiple playthroughs, I really don't mind the extra time spent for the added challenge.

And finally, I resolve to post more frequently, and with more thought-provoking articles this new year, instead of just game acquirements, game conquers, and Zero Punctuation.

What are your gaming New Year's resolutions?


Anonymous said...

Get onto Xbox live, and actually play with my friends instead of being just a dork with a xbox.

Anonymous said...

also not using punctuation