Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dead Nation...finished!

My wife asked me why I enjoy playing horror games yet never like to watch them.  I told her that with a game, I have control on when I die; with a movie, I'm invested in character to whom I don't know whether they will live or die.  I hate surprises, but I like it when I have somewhat control over them.

Anyways, I finished Dead Nation, the other free game from Sony after their online downtime.  I'm quite pleased with the game, and it definitely warrants more playthroughs, much like the other free game InFamous I downloaded as well.  The game becomes equally as hectic when you play co-op, which I highly suggest you do with this game.  Nothing like yelling to your friend to cover your back as you get flanked from both sides with hoards of zombies.
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