Friday, July 8, 2011

InFamous 2...finished! (as good guy)

A sandbox title should keep you playing "in" the sandbox for as long as you want, with no concern for time or urgency.  InFamous 2 does a great job doing this in all their side missions, shard-collecting treks, and random city navigation.  If I didn't want to do a story-based mission, I can hit up a side mission.  If I don't want to do a side mission, I can randomly collect shards or find dead drops.  If I don't want to do that, I just enjoyed myself surfing around the city.

If there's one thing I'd add, is that the shard sense should've expanded to the dead drops as well.  I wouldn't never considered the last dead drop location I had left in the location that it was in.

There's still the joy of being evil in InFamous 2 to complete, but I'll do that once I finish being evil in the first InFamous.
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