Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The trials and tribulations of playing online...and enjoying it.

So after a few rounds of the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta, I realized something that wasn't new to me at all - that I'm a good online player.  Not good as in "headshot from 200 meters away," but good in staying in an online match and playing it.

I'm one of those players that don't care whether or not a game has online features, who is quite content killing the computer AI whose sole intent is to fall by your hand.  I'm used to being good in games and completing them, walking out from explosions without turning back and looking like a bad ass.  Online, however, I'm as good as dead.  Nothing happens the way you plan it, and your most elaborate kills turn out to be shooting the final bullet at someone else's target's barrage of bullets.

But I still consider myself a good online player.  Despite shooting like a blind man, I still rank up - maybe not as fast as the skilled players out there, but I get my kills every now and then.  And while I don't enjoy seeing my body crumple down like a paper doll, I don't get aggro or go into a verbal rampage.  And I try to stay through from match to match just to show that I'm not a quitter; that to quit a game mid-match is worse than being a sore loser.

And while eventually all the weaker players get weeded out and people are more confident in kicking out lesser players from their team deathmatch games, I will still be adamant in sticking around.  I shall forever play by Amy Hennig's motto - to "not take [playing online] so fucking seriously."  Thank you again, Amy, for understanding hesitant online gamers like me.
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