Thursday, June 9, 2011

E3 2011: Day 1 Streetpass results

After the first day of E3, here’s that day’s results.
7:00 AM – Turned on 3DS

8:04 AM – Arrived at downdown LA, received first street pass – CommanderVideo! I don’t have a picture to prove it, but its greeting was “” But the Mii was a skinny figure with a Samus mask on – sounds like him. It makes sense, though, to make your Mii a virtual business card.

9:35 AM – 10 new people added (which is the max, I soon realize)

11:18 AM – 8 new people. Started to use them to unlock more pieces and play “Find Mii” since you can only use 10 at a time. So the first 10 people were wasted. Hmm, I got a ceo!

11:26 AM – 6 more people?? Okay, play some more…
11:31 AM – 9 more?? Okay, I need to get ready to enter the convention floor.
3:56 PM – 10 new people. Which doesn’t surprise me. But it’s a good time waster while waiting in line for events. Got someone from RockstarLeeds.

6:46 PM – 10 more people added. I got Zoidberg! And I’m exhausted.

Total number of new Miis Day 1 E3 = 54
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