Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to the Future: The Game...finished!!

I'm such a fan of the Back to the Future trilogy.  It's something I don't mind watching over and over, and I find much more enjoyment every time I do.  So there was some reservation when the Back to the Future: The Game episodes came from Telltale Games, despite the acquirement of Christopher Lloyd reprising his role and an almost-vocal equivalent to Marty McFly by A.J. Locascio.  It wasn't until I heard that Michael J. Fox was lending his voice to the final episode that I actually bought the bundle and had a look for myself.

This wasn't my first Telltale game.  In fact, I downloaded the Tales of Monkey Island episodes before this and completed those as well, (What?  I didn't post that?  I'm ashamed!) so it's not my first dip into the Telltale pool.  And after playing through two seasons of two different games, I'm very pleased with Telltale's work.  It's something when the game gives you a lasting impression, but it's another when it makes you want to relive those moments again, and both games (especially BttF:TG) make me want to play through them again.

Personally, I found the new storyline to the original series a welcome addition to the plot, and I hope to see a second season from them if it's ever possible!
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