Thursday, August 25, 2011

The "Days until Disgaea 4" self-imposed challenge.

So Disgaea 4 is coming September 6th.  And yes, I've made my pre-order for it already.  And no, I have not finished any of the previous Disgaea games prior to it.  But in the days before it's released, I hope to change that.

From today until Disgaea 4's release is about 13 days.  So I've challenged myself to complete Disgaea 3 at least once before the game comes out.

I'm already making some progress, on the second-to-last chapter right after the 4th level.  I have roughly 6 more levels to go before I reach the end, but each requires me to consistantly power myself up more and more.  Even with assistance from the official strategy guide, Disgaea 3 is just a wealth of micro-management to digest.

To sweeten the deal, I've foolishly purchased some discounted DLC for the game as well as incentive.  The thing with this DLC is that it's only unlocked after you finish the game once - which means my purchase would be in vain if I never complete the game.

I'll try to post some day-by-day progress, all leading up to Disgaea 4!

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