Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shadow Complex...finished?

I didn't expect to finish Shadow Complex this fast.  The ending came suddenly, and felt a little anti-climatic.  And after 6.5 hours, the game felt like it should have had a bit more meat on its bones.  But aside from that, the game is quite the Metroid clone, except your protagonist has a penis.

While enemies respawn in places after you progressed far enough, there doesn't seem to be much replay other than scouring the map to find all the places you didn't explore before.  And with my character at level 17 (out of a potential 50) and armed to the teeth with 90% of my armor, the only things that can cause lethal harm are the environment dangers of electrified water, lasers, and thermal ovens.

Even with the training missions, Shadow Complex feels a bit shallow in content.  I'd probably have to start a new game all over just to feel the full enjoyment of the game.

Overall, get the game for a quick Metroid-platformer fix.  If you crave some more, look elsewhere.
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