Monday, August 29, 2011

"Days until Disgaea 4" progress - Day 4 - Not all trophies earn bragging rights

In the past 3 days, I've spent whatever free time I had to buffing my party's current weapons in Disgaea 3, which required vast trips into the Item World.  For all you non-Disgaea players out there, gamers have the potential to upgrade any item in the game by parsing through the Item World and conquering the random dungeons generated inside. Every dungeon you successfully pass is another level upgrade for your weapon.

So, I essentially upgraded the weapons of about 10 characters, parsing 20 dungeons each.  So, for the bulk of this past Saturday, I've went through 200 randomly-generated dungeons.  This apparently unlocked a trophy called "Consult your Physician," which I earned for playing 10+ hrs straight.  I've never been quite this committed to a game for a long time, but earning an award for marathon gaming is a bit lukewarm.  On one hand, I'm glad I'm recognized for the amount of time spent in a game.  On the other, I wish the recognition didn't come in the form of a trophy/achievement.

Through it all, I ended up with 10 level-20 high-end weapons that at least doubled the stats of their owners, and with those, I practically obliterated the first 2 levels of the final 4 levels in the final chapter.  But even with the new power I gained, it wasn't enough to finish the next level.  In fact, it was about half as effective in battle.  Fully confident in my party, I stuck out one battle to the bitter end and experienced the first "Game Over" screen ever, which I never could bear to watch if I knew my party wasn't strong enough.

It looks like I'm gonna need to level up some more weapons...
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