Thursday, September 1, 2011

Disgaea 4 arrives...6 days early?

Perhaps it was because I placed my pre-order months ago, but on the same day that I conquered Disgaea 3, I receive a package in the mail.  I was aware, certainly, that my package had been already shipped, but I thought it would take a full week for the game to arrive on time by September 6th.  Lo and behold my surprise when I get Disgaea 4 a full 6 days early!

From the picture you can see I got the Premium version, which includes not only the game, Fuka figure, and artbook, but the soundtrack and 9 more figures.  Let's dive in!

Despite the whole Fuka debacle, the Fuka figurine in the end is really not bad at all.  It's still quite detailed and high quality.  What blew my mind was the new magnetic stand it comes with.  I thought these figures would come in the same individual clear plastic case per figurine with nub stand to shove the figure's foot into.  When the stand promptly stuck to the feet like magic, I feverishly opened the rest of the figures as if they were begging for freedom!

All in all, the lack of clear individual boxes is both practical and economical.  No more shoving figures to tiny platform nubs, and no more extra pieces of plastic.

Looking forward to plunking in hours of time into the new game!  Thanks, NISA!
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