Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Days until Disgaea 4" challenge Milestone - Day 7 - Disgaea 3...FINISHED!!

In preparation for the 5-6 attempt at the second-to-last level, I decided to spend the extra 10 minutes leveling up a powerful axe up 20 levels for my axe-wielding character.  In the end, I ended up practically doubling his 1000-point Attack stat to over 2000, making him stupidly powerful compared to everyone else.

From this point on, the third level was cake as I mopped the floor with the assistance of my powerfully new axe wielder.  A few more cutscenes later, and I'm now in the final level.  Ready for the battle of my life, I prepped up and threw my party into the fray.

Five minutes later, and I beat the game.

There was suppose to be some elaborate tactic to employ, using a combination of magic and physical attacks.  But after 2 turns and a bunch of strategic combos, the boss was defeated!

Let's step back just a moment.  I finished a Disgaea game - a game whose SRPG genre has plagued and intimidated me for years.  In fact, I completely forgot the unofficial challenge I set up before Disgaea 3 to complete the first two Disgaea games.  Whoops.

But I'm happy to say that, after probably about more than 80+ hrs of gameplay, I finished Disgaea 3!!

I finished Disgaea 3!!!!

I'm so elated!!
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