Friday, August 22, 2008

PS3 purchase...justified!

I've finally placed the order for Disgaea 3 and its strategy guide over the weekend, thus justifying the main reason why I have a PlayStation 3 now. In doing so, I've set an unprecedented goal for myself: to finish Disgaea 1 and 2 before I receive the third game.

Yes, I've never finished either game completely yet.

I have mentioned in the past my progress in Disgaea since its PSP release, freeing myself from the shackles of television-constrained play sessions, but even the liberation of portable gaming on the go has only taken me so far. How did I ever get myself into this mess?

Strategy RPGs are an entirely different breed, one that I will someday tackle. Thankfully, there's not so much emphasis for story continuity in these titles, so I probably won't ruin anything in playing these games concurrently.
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