Monday, August 11, 2008

SBCG4AP Season 1 begins now!

Today's WiiWare update brings one of the few anticipated titles I've been looking forward to this year, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, brought to you by the folks at TellTale Games. While I've yet to check out the highly popular Sam and Max seasons, I'm really excited to playing a game centered around a flash cartoon that I've practically grew up.

If you haven't checked out HomeStar Runner yet, you're missing out on a really odd and quirky web phenomenon that has a very cultish following. While the site centers around the lovably dumb HomeStar Runner, its true star is Strong Bad, the rebellious "odd couple" to HomeStar. I highly recommend checking out the Strong Bad email section, where he takes actual emails to him and answers them in flash cartoon style.

In fact, it's probably good to check out a few of those "emails" before checking out the game, so that you're familiar with the characters and humor that you will most certainly stratch your head over without doing so. That being said, this game will cater to longtime followers - but with the reputation of TellTale Games behind it, SBCG4AP is looking to please new gamers as well.
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