Friday, August 29, 2008

Sites You Must Check Out:

Before the week's done, there's one announcement I'd like to make.

I've been ask to be a contributor on my friend's awesome blog, Think of it as the more refined "Otaku" site that pushes beyond the typical layer of general hype on all things anime, games, and gadgets. There are a lot of news that never gets reported enough, and is the place to find all of that.

If you like reading my stuff on my blog, you have to check out my articles over there. Here are a couple links of my stuff (under pen name "GameOrDie") below for you to peruse:

Capsule Game Review: Ring of Fates

Capsule Game Preview: Kimi no Yuusha
Low in Energy? Have a Mega Man "Energy Tank" drink!
"Time" to "Watch" Out for Chrono Trigger This Year

As you can tell, my spectacular wit carries on to their site well. And don't worry...I'll be frequently posting on both blogs at once, and so far all posts (from my blog or my friend's blog) are different. So, for the full experience, hop on over to akiba-station and check out what you're missing!
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