Monday, February 11, 2008

I swear! Last one! Then I'm gonna kick some serious monster ass!

It's not a great feat to say that you've completed 1/100th of a game over the weekend, but in a sense, that's what I did.

Well, not exactly 1/100th. Maybe 1/100th of 1/100th.

The time put into making your characters in Disgaea wield strong weapons is a very intricate and long process, but the output, most of the the time, is much more greater. If none of you guys are familiar with the process, essentially you are given the option to "enter" your weapons and complete the random levels within. At every 10 levels, you can choose to leave your weapon, upon which that weapon will level up the same number of levels you've completed. What determines how well your weapon levels up are the specialists (think of them as living stats) and generals (one every 10 levels) you defeat along the way. Over the weekend, I've upgraded 4 more characters with higher level weapons.

Oh, by the way, did I forget to mention? This has nothing to do with the main game itself. Yes, this is generally a side quest. An intricate side quest, but a side quest nonetheless. Of course, there's always the option to just buy better weapons to equip your party with, but why do that when you can just build stats and level up weapons while leveling up your party at the same time?

But I can't idle all my time into weapon evolution. I've already sworn that I'll just level up weapons, and that I'll make sure all party members have good weapons to fight with. I just need to plow on through, kick some major enemy ass, and make some progress!


Okay, I'll level up one more weapon...
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