Friday, February 15, 2008

Y'know what this post reminds me of? Another puzzle!

The Professor Layton game is a real thinker, and that's a good thing. Not since Zack and Wiki did I spend a lot of time thinking. However, unlike Zack and Wiki, the game's story and puzzle elements don't quite mesh well together. They're not interwoven into a fine tapestry where not only the story is gorgeous, but the intricate details of each perplexing situation shine through. Instead, we're treated to a "oh, this reminds me of a puzzle" scenario.

I wish I was embellishing this, but that is almost verbatim from the game.

Luke: "Professor, we need to go to this house immediately!"
Layton: "Yes, but first...a puzzle!"

Luke: "Professor, this is a nice garden."
Layton: "Yes, these flowers are lovely. They remind me of a puzzle!"

Luke: "Professor, someone just got murdered!"
Layton: "That is pretty gruesome. So is this puzzle! It's utterly malicious to solve!"

Okay, that last one was really not word-for-word, but the situation's similar. Overall, the puzzles are fun to do. It's it seems that the story gets in the way. Shouldn't it be the other way around?
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