Friday, February 8, 2008

DVD Recommendations: The King of Kong

So I finally watched King of Kong last night, since it was recently released on dvd and I never got a chance to watch it in theaters. I have to say, even for someone like myself that really enjoys his games, the people portrayed (apart from Steve Wiebe) looked stereotypically geeky. I mean, friends-with-the-characters-in-Revenge-of-the-Nerds geeky. A geek on the street would look at this documentary and call the people in there geeks. A part of me wished this was a mockumentary. Really.

Aside from the dork-umentary, the story captivated the competitive gamer in me, and made me a fan of Steve Wiebe, if only because he will surpass Billy Mitchell.

If you're a video game fan - even better, a retro video game fan - you should really check this dvd out. Also, the reverse-cover Scott Campbell artwork is wicked awesome!

[Update] Sorry for the misspelling. I meant Steve Wiebe, not Wiede.
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