Monday, February 11, 2008

The return of the "Guitar Hero"

I enjoy my Guitar Hero. Yeah, I know, I play Rock Band, too, and playing as a group is pure awesomeness...but when the friends are away, there's only solo play. And nothing satisfies that more than Guitar Hero. At least until the third installment.

Forget what everyone else who's passed the game say - Guitar Hero 3 is fucking nuts. I consider myself to be pretty hardcore in the game, doing decently well in Expert Mode in the first two games. But for some reason, the third one just wants to bitch-slap you to the ground, kick you in the gonads until they're soft and tender, then ream the fretboard up your ass and force you to play "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" with just your eyelids.

And because of my setup, I've tried the whole "calibrate lag" option to see if maybe the issue is the game's fault and not mine. From 0 msec to 55 msecs and finally back to 0 msecs, I've given up on the whole process and just left it alone.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I played the game last night only to find that I had no problems whatsoever maintaining my combo throughout each song. It's like my guitar-hero-playing skills were somehow rejuvenated by an angel or something...

Maybe I was too flustered back then to focus on the gameplay, maybe the guitar was just out of whack. Whatever it was, it's not happening anymore, and my passion for Guitar Hero just raised a notch.

That is, until I start playing "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." My eyelids are still tired from last time.
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