Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Chu-Chu-Choose you!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope all of you are spending lots on your loved one because...well, that's the reason why prices go through the roof on this special occasion.

And while we're on the topic of love, I had thought I'd spend time talking about a game that could very well embody this lovely day. A game called Chulip.

Some of you guys might know it, some might not, and some just choose to believe that it doesn't exist. Chulip is a game that was released exclusively from EB/GameStop (whatever, they're the same to me) at a lower price than most others, for obvious reasons.

The story follows one boy's ultimate goal to kiss the girl of his dreams, but he realizes that the path to her heart lies in writing the ultimate love letter. And, as everyone knows, the ultimate love letter consists of 3 things: the ultimate pen, the ultimate ink, and the ultimate paper. You must find these things throughout the game (divided into smaller missions) to get you closer in writing that awesome romantic love letter. gets weirder. You need to earn a good reputation around town often to progress. And to do this, you need to gain the villagers' affection. To gain this, you need to kiss them (hence the Japanese sounding word "chu" in the title). Man or woman, you need to get everyone liking you. Including the old man on the corner.

As you can tell, this is definitely more a chick game, but the sheer eclectic nature of the game makes my attraction for weird Japanese appeal go nuts. And yes, my wife is currently playing the game on her own accord, while I'm just here reveling the notion that she's actually playing a game she enjoys. Did I mention you get ranking titles that change according to the number of kisses you've obtained? Her character's now a "frisky man." Indeed.

So, as weird as I feel saying this, see if Chulip's the game for the gaming woman in your life this Valentine's Day. Then you can see if she'll become a "frisky man."
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