Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Re-Play: Little Big Planet 2

I've praised Little Big Planet 2 for so long being the type of game that only gets boring if you lack imagination. Never has that been more true than when I tried to replay the game once again in a speed-run attempt to recover all my building materials and supplies.

For Gamers, By Gamers

Going through the game and tutorials again felt really comforting, more so than other typical platformers. Knowing that the levels were created by people who love the game as much as its players is wonderful, but knowing they're using the same toolset and interface is humbling. It's like they're saying everyone is an all-star, capable of achieving great level construction.

An Engineer's Delight

Being creative is one thing, but being innovative in Little Big Planet 2 opens up a lot of new doors. I've always prided gameplay over graphics, and in the game I can create elaborate tools to utilize in my level designs. And the best inspirations come from the game itself. One of its levels had small block platforms that jut from the background as Sackboy approached them. It took some engineering to understand how to create them with the tools given, and now that I understand it now, I can make some pretty awesome levels based on this knowledge.

Even the simplest things like hinges poses a simple problem to tackle when creating it.  There's no finite list of things to achieve when you set your mind to it.

Overall: Yes

As long as there's the yearning to create, there will always be a place for Little Big Planet 2 to exist.  Gamers nowadays have elevated from just receiving good games to creating them, and the whole camaraderie of sharing creations amongst your peers is fast growing to a more welcomed act.  And for me, all I need is a good idea and I can come up with some really awesome stuff.
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