Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Re-play: Rock Band 3

In a series of blog posts aptly titled "re-play," I'll be going over games that I've completed or not in the past that have seen little to no action since.  Of course, most of these will be titles for which I'm gradually recovering the broken shambles of my lost PS3 game saves, but they'll broaden to other older titles.

Unless you live with a family that loves to rock out each night, having a full Rock Band 3 set will attract dust faster than a Swiffer.  While I still enjoy a good jam session with plastic instruments (sometimes on my Fender Stratocaster as well), the game becomes a solo affair almost 95% of the time.  It's no surprise, then, that this game only gets some love on occasion.  But is the replay worth the effort?

Restoring My Musical Youth

In attempting to recover what I lost a few months ago, I went through the agonizing chore of re-downloading all the bought songs I've ever purchased for Rock Band over the years.  About 132 songs later, my playlist was complete...I think.  It wasn't so much the fact that I paid for most of the downloads, but some played a more significant part in my life's soundtrack that I really wanted them back.

To me, my song downloads were my personal radio through Rock Band, a "comfort" station if you will.  It's always when I don't feel all the up-and-up when I throw in a few songs to suit my mood, and then I don't feel so bad anymore.  Ignoring the fact I'm only banging plastic instruments, it's the song enjoyment I'm focused on.  It's like really singing along to your favorite tune while driving, except without the chance of crashing.

The 80's

That's probably the best way of putting this.  If the release includes songs from the 80's, there's a high chance I'll be rushing home to download it.  Good example is the Hall & Oates 3-pack that was just released today.  If you don't understand, you never will.  The point is, all of us have a song niche that speaks to us, and when you tie it with a music game like Rock Band 3, those urges will make you want to play the songs again from time to time.

My Legend Will Live On

The worst thing about losing game saves is that I need to go back and unlock everything all over again; songs, costumes, outfits, character equipment, even local high scores are all gone.  Thankfully, my scores still live on in the leaderboards.  I haven't checked my online profile on the Harmonix site yet, but to know that my previous efforts are still up is a (albeit small) silver lining.  There hasn't yet been any issues of me using the same band name and same user profile, so I think I'm good.

Overall: Yes

Rock Band will always live on in my household, and will always be a party-ready set to jump into.  It will also be my muse as I practice more on my Fender and actually learn how to play a real guitar, too...right after I play my Hall & Oates!

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