Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A new challenger emerges!!

So, with permission from Mrs. GameritisGal, I can make this announcement on my blog.  We're expecting a GameritisBaby on the way!  (I think I need to find a better moniker for it...)  I can already imaging my child ready to "press start" on its new life soon, which is almost 2 months from now!  With this announcement, I can finally share my first thoughts of the early ultrasound, in particular to the 3D-modeled embryo of our child.

Before you suspect anything, this is the actual photo, no photoshopping done.

Back then, it was too early to determine the gender, but as you can see, the references speak for themselves.  It could've been a boy:

...or a girl:

Later on, we found out the baby's gender (we're the "be prepared" types rather than the "surprised" types).  The verdict?

Childbirth is going to be a cinch!  She'll just morph into a ball and roll on out!  Hopefully she won't need to use any bombs!  We'll have to upgrade her armor when she arrives!

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