Monday, February 13, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII...finished!!

Much like Disgaea 3, I never thought I'd ever see this day.  But now I can finally say I've completed a Final Fantasy game - Final Fantasy XIII.

Before you yell at me for not finishing any of the earlier Final Fantasies, let me remind you that I'm a very die-hard RPG gamer...I just have a poor track record of completing them.  I've played almost all other Final Fantasy games, and they've ended in similar terms - finding out you're too weak to progress, level grinding to get stronger, all to find out you're playing the game less and less because of gamer's block.

The only difference, this time, was not only a personal goal to recover my lost game save due to a broken PS3, but in eager anticipation for the game's sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2.  Had I never attempted to play the game once more, I'd probably would've cared less, but my re-play proved that the second time's the charm, allowing me to fully appreciate the story more since I knew where to progress this time around.

There is still room to play the game even after completion, to which the completist in me will pursue to no end, but overall Final Fantasy XIII is now finally (pun intended) over.  
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