Thursday, October 31, 2013

Games to Play on Halloween

Even though I'm not the type of person that enjoys horror movies, I still enjoy a good game that would terrify me. Maybe because I'm still playing a game, and not just sitting there, waiting for my fate. So here's a list of games that, I think, brings a good amount of scare in my life.

Video Games

Eternal Darkness (GameCube)

This was earlier, when I wasn't so frightened. The first time I started Eternal Darkness, I intentionally played at night and played the game with the lights turned off. It was probably the one time I truly wished I had a surround-sound setup, but I still got the full effect. The game's use of insanity was awe-inspiring; the risk-reward of killing monsters to avoid going insane was brilliant, and it always kept me a little insane throughout the game. Even a little insanity throws you off - random voices in the background, walls start to bleed, rooms get disorienting. For a great effect, see what happens when you become fully insane.

Dead Nation (PSN)

Sometimes, you just want a quick zombie game to just mow down as much undead as you can. With Dead Nation, you're given just that. This semi-overhead game allows you to play co-op with another player as you progress through the game's different backdrops, destroying anything not living. The controls are reminiscent of Smash TV in that one purely controls a flashlight, while the other controls firing of your weapon. Because most of the game is in the night, the flashlight becomes your most valuable tool, knowing where enemies appear is important when you're trying to conserve ammo. And the added rush of playing with a friend brings out the best in the game, not to mention an added notch to its difficulty setting.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game (PS3/XBox360)

If you're not a Ghostbusters movie fan, then you are not going to enjoy the game as much as a fan would...and I LOVE this game. Sure, the controls take some getting used to, and the story can fall flat sometimes...but you get to control a PROTON PACK!! How can you argue with that?? AND you get to do it with the same original cast?? Yeah, not exactly scary, but it's scary hilarious!!

Board Games

Of course, with my recent passion into board games, how can I not include some for Halloween?


You can read a review I did for this a while back. Pandemic is a co-op game where players have to eradicate the world from 4 super diseases. You lose when too much of one disease is spread, if too many outbreaks occur, or if time runs out. Oh, and the win percentage is less than 50%. This game will leave you feeling tense every time, guaranteed.

Escape: The Curse of the Temple

Speaking of tense, Escape: The Curse of the Temple is another co-op game that challenges you to escape from a temple in 10 minutes. How is this done? With an audio track that plays exactly 10 minutes, that's how! The moment the voice screams "ESCAPE," everyone rolls dice like mad to explore and navigate through the temple in search of the exit. And get this - the game is considered beaten if AND ONLY IF everyone escapes the temple within the allotted 10 minutes. Throw in a few curses, locked dice, and audio cues that change the gameplay, and you'll have everyone screaming for help!

Ghost Stories

Now, if you truly want a game with some haunt, Ghost Stories is an excellent game. Tasked to guard a village from becoming a ghost town, players play as ghost-hunting chinese monks trying to seek and banish Wu-Feng, lord of hell, before he conquers all. With monsters spawning after every turn and attacking from all sides, the game becomes a race of ghost busting and town reviving as everyone holds on until the incarnation of Wu-Feng (which can be different and randomly selected each game) appears. Truly a game that will have you on edge.

Whatever gaming you do, have a happy and safe Halloween!!
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