Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gaming on the Go - Project X Zone

My latest job has me using public transit on a daily basis, giving me about 40 minutes each leg to just sit around and wait until I reach my destination. What better time to catch up on portable gaming than on the morning and evening commute? In addition, I've decided to power through whatever game I'm currently playing until I finish it. So, what's my first challenge?

Project X Zone (3DS)

Oh great. It wasn't intentional, but I HAD to start this with an RPG. Fortunately, I'm pretty far along in Project X Zone, so hopefully I'll finish this game soon. I've already clocked in more than 54 hrs into this game, which uses similar battle system mechanics as Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier, a game I got 4 YEARS AGO???!?!? Jeez......

Project X Zone combines characters from Sega, Capcom, and Namco together into an epic story that ties their worlds with each other. More importantly, it shows what Devilotte would say when Ulala from Space Channel 5 enters the scene. 

More than half the time is spent reading the interactions between the 3 companys' characters. In addition to all the interaction between characters from different games, the game displays subtle inside references as well. The one below is one of the standouts.

Some of the more tongue-in-cheek references are simply sublime. Here's a little jab at Sega hardware, conveniently used in this case as a "communicator"

And even though it's a story involving characters from Sega, Capcom, and Namco, the developers had time to squeeze in even a Nintendo reference, in which the characters remarked on how they need to travel on a rainbow.

Commute Worthy?

The many video game character cameos, their interactions, and subtle references make the game enjoyable as an entertainment piece. It's fun to see Mega Man X ponder if Juri from Street Fighter 4 is an evil maverick, or to have Frank West request very tech-specific weapons from Tron. If you're not a fan of long-winded battles, this game may take its toll on you. Some of the later battles could take hours if you're planning on strategy. Also, they're notorious for adding more enemies halfway into battles. At one point, I only had half my units, and suddenly there were 71 enemies littered around the field.

Overall, though, it makes the commute fly by very quick. 
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