Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hello, StreetPass visitors!!

Hi! Welcome to Gameritis, where you hear the ramblings of an aging gamer with a lot of " back in the day" stories to share.


Alright, chances are, you saw the shameless website plug I placed in my StreetPass, and are wondering if this blog has any decent con-WHOAWHOAWHOAWHOA...

Okay, okay...I like to write/rant about video games, have recently gotten into board games, and need an outlet away from social media. Come, have a seat. Let's talk about how we got here - Pokemon.

It's okay, I'm not here to judge. I gathered my share of pokemon in my day, I know the feeling. I'm just curious to see what this generation's interested in, since Pokemon has been around for...17 YEARS???!?!?!

Ahem...but yes, because of the latest release, the flock of players migrate once more to fill their pouches with pokeballs, to battle for gym battles, to "catch 'em all". The following for the series is as hardcore as that for any triple-A FPS title, as consistent as any sports franchise game, and it always amazes me to see people time and time again gobble this up like tasty snack cakes.

Of course, part of the increase in players is mostly because of the PSS, or Player Search System. The ability to challenge/trade/interact with others on a wireless basis. With every iteration, the game changes slightly, all towards the greater good. I won't lie...part of me wants to buy the game just to find out what new ways Nintendo has found to allow players to interact with each other more often.

And there's even a Pokemon Bank, to store your precious digital cargo for transfer, should the unthinkable happens? Even though it's a paid service, I'm sure there are plenty of people that will use it endlessly.

So, people who StreetPassed me and have played Pokemon...what's great about the new game? And is it worth a purchase?
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