Monday, February 23, 2015

I Received a Curious Envelope Today...

Curious, because this flat, rigid envelope came from the Netherlands.

I know no one from the Netherlands.

Throwing all cautions about opening odd envelopes into the wind, I tore into it, and found this sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard.

I couldn't help but laugh!

Why? Well, in case you missed it, parts one, two, and three of this trilogy are here. Long story short, a short-notice mixup almost made me have Ignacy sign Michiel's game. In the end, I bought Imperial Settlers, and eventually Legacy (to right my wrong).

I'd cover those cows, but they're in the Imperial Settlers box. Instead, I'll proudly affix this note within my Legacy box lid. Thanks, Michiel! I'll certainly enjoy playing the game!
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