Monday, November 24, 2014

NoBloMo #22 - A Tale of Suspense, Intrigue, and Murder (Of My Boardgamer Ego)...Told by Tweets!

It all began innocently enough. Me, a BGGCant-er, reading through the BGGCon Twitter feed, and a Portal sale for Legacy: The Testament of Duke De Crecy caught my eye.

Legacy has been on my wish list for a while, and seeing this bumped it up the list more. But then my id started acting up, and started taking over my logical thinking. Legacy is from Portal Games. Ignacy Trzewiczek is in Portal Games. Ipso facto it would be nice to get the game AND have it signed.

And It Begins

With my id still at the wheel, I posted a humble tweet about this very thing.

Being BGGCon, I tweeted my preparation for disappointment, but soon afterwards directed it to people who may be able to help.

My expectations were low. Everyone was enjoying themselves at BGGCon, and the last thing they want is someone from the distant sidelines making an out-of-their-way request. And I'm rarely a person who is forward with requests. But the chances of me attending a convention with Ignacy present to sign were very slim, so I figured I would give it a shot.

Glimmer of Hope

Posting that, however, felt very selfish of me. A large part of me was wishing they'd sell out, and that my tweet would be ignored. As if some higher power read my mind, Ignacy tweets of their current inventory, and I was relieved to respond with my regrets and best wishes.

Four hours passed, and the idea of owning a signed Legacy game sooner than later had slipped my mind. That is, until I checked my thread again.

"Guys, I need to bow out of the next Smash Bros match. I need to handle this," I told my friends that afternoon. I had to quickly respond, I was a little behind.

Turn For the Awkward

At this point, I was happy to get Legacy at the discount, even without Ignacy's signature! But, as I knelt there, hip-gyrating with excitement, the walls of my self-proclaimed logic came tumbling down.

I let my id get the best of me. I presumed everything from Portal Games was of Ignacy's hand. I was a FOOL!! My mind's in shambles as things started getting...awkward.


So, in the end, I bought Imperial Settlers instead of Legacy (which was fine, since THAT was also on my list as well), AND I got Ignacy's signature! (SORRY for the misunderstanding, Ignacy!!)

As of this post, I haven't seen what he wrote in there yet, but I hope it has no reference to my Legacy misunderstanding.

To Tiffany, Grant, and Ignacy...thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You made this boardgamer-stuck-at-home a very happy man.


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