Thursday, November 13, 2014

NoBloMo #12 - Kickstarter Waits

Years ago, I thought Kickstarter was all the rage, that you'd be the first person to fund and support the really cool gems of board games that have taken a liking to the funding format there. To be the first one in line to give designers their money and be the first ones to own their beloved creation.

To this day, I am still waiting.

Not My First Time...

It's not the first time I've ranted about Kickstarter. It won't be my last, too. But I wanted to focus specifically on the waiting, or lack of interest in waiting. Unless you have boundless energy, your excitement levels usually are highest right after the KS campaign ends, and when backers start receiving their products. What about the time in-between?

Self Doubt

You're not watching the kettle boil. You have things to do. You have other games to play. You may have other games to buy, others that did NOT go through a crowd-funding campaign and have expected release dates. Time passes by as you're exposed to more and more games. Some may remind you of those that you funded. Some may be actually better than what you funded. And you can get them now.

Then you wonder why you funded these games in the first place.

First off, it's okay to feel this way. It's like a prolonged and slight variant of buyer's remorse, but to something you can't really return. But think about it this way...

...This is what you paid for.

Paid Time Off

No really. You not only paid for a product that won't get released until months later down the line, but you're paying for all that time that it's not in your hands. It's probably what you would've done if you knew a game was going to come out 6 months from now, so you tell yourself you'll save a set amount each month so that, by the time the game hits the shelves, you'll have your money ready and buy the game.

Except you blew your wad ahead of time. Months ahead. It's a mood killer in dates AND in KS campaigns, but only if you allow it to be.

Well, not for dates. That's just terrible, and you should most certainly be ashamed.

Time-Traveling Gifts

Really, the best thing to do (apart from any survey questions you'll need to respond) is to not think about it. You've already gave your funds to support a (hopefully) successful product, and unless you have lots of questions, there's no real point to keep tabs on it. And unless updates are astoundingly few and less frequent or it's proven that it was a scam, trolling in the comments section brings no good to anyone. Sure, you get to voice your opinion and thoughts, but those are just that - your OWN opinions and thoughts. You're just there to fuel anyone else's rage, almost like giving others permission to go ahead and voice their frustration.

By putting it out of mind, not only will you be more relaxed and less antsy for any upcoming KS products, but you'll be even more surprised when they DO arrive. It's like a little present from yourself in the past to your future self.

And who doesn't like presents?
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