Thursday, November 6, 2014

NoBloMo #5 - Analog Gaming

It surprised me that my VERY first blog entry mentioned board games, and yet I never talked about it at all until only two years ago. In my defense, the only direction I knew at the time then was video games, but I added everything else for good measure, should the opportunity arise to discuss.

It only took five years later, and the birth of my daughter.

Analog Gaming

I've actually discussed my decision to focus more on board games two years ago here, if you care to read it. An excerpt from it still rings true, and I still hope to have some Family Night routine in the future:
"What ever happened to the times when people didn't need a console to connect to people for fun, when others didn't need to pay a monthly charge to participate in an online group romp? I can't remember the last time we even played an entertaining game without the aid of electronics, or something where everything involved constant awkward social interactions, like charades or Twister."
Since then, I wanted to devote a section of my blog to board games called "Analog Gaming," and have tried to enforce that when possible. Gradually, board games took over my blog almost entirely, with my video gaming dwindling to an all-time low. And with a second child on the way, I'm still impressed I post on this blog at all.

Writing about board games was one thing. Getting people to read them was another. Wait, did I still have that Twitter account many years ago? I wonder if I can use that to promote my blog...
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