Thursday, November 20, 2014

NoBloMo #19 - BGGCant 2014

I wish I was at BGGCon.

I'm not lying. I really do. It's a little hard to watch the feed without feeling a bit sad, missing out on meeting cool people and designers, and trying out the latest demos of the hottest games.

And I'll spare the "I have a family, no free time" spiel. Lord knows HOW MANY times I've said that over and over.

What's a BGGCant-er to Do?

Well, I can always read rules, brush up on some games so that I'll be better prepared the next game night when I want to introduce a new game to the group.

There's a lot of crafting I can prep for. I have an awesome idea that seems simple enough to implement, but will need to run some measurements.

Oo, I can practice more on my video technique, and work on more scripts for possible filming.

Or I can always play solo variants of my favorite games. It really helps me get better at setup the more I get a game onto the table.




*Sigh*...I wonder what's going on at BGGCon?

*Click click click*
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