Thursday, November 27, 2014

NoBloMo #26 - A Thanksgiving Tradition

Not sure how many years we've been doing this, but every year, we've been making our own terrible (or terribly awesome) Christmas sweaters. My sister would always grab a large bag of felts, scissors, glue, trinkets, and a stack of generic sweaters, and we'd all gather at Thanksgiving to decorate and get them ready to wear near Christmas. Above was the one I created last year, titled "Designated Reindeer." I was really tired...

This year, I suddenly had an idea at the last minute, and executed it with the swiftest of swifts, and came out in the end with something I'm quite proud of. It's titled "Reindeer Games."

Get it? And, to boot, I have them playing the first track of Snow Tails!!

Who says Christmas sweaters have to be lame?
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