Tuesday, November 11, 2014

NoBloMo #9 - Relaxing, Pleasant Games

There's something special about a game when there's no killing, world-saving, or bad story-telling. When a game pulls you in with its theme, its visuals, it's a beautiful thing. Games like this allow a departure from the "destroy all monsters" attitude, and give players a peaceful environment, one in which they can step back from time to time and just...enjoy.

Here are some good games that give a nice, pleasant theme that can relax your mind.


How would you like to just travel through ancient Japan, buying souvenirs, checking nice scenery, relaxing in hot springs, and eating good food? Tokaido is just the game for you! This set-collecting game has players traveling across Japan, all just trying to have the best vacation ever. With different characters that have different abilities to select from, each trip can be a new adventure!


How about a relaxing tree painting? Daniel Solis' game Kigi is glorious to look at, and even better to construct. While I haven't had a game in yet, the gameplay seems so simple that I look forward to appreciating the works of art I'll dynamically produce! If you want to grab your own copy, click here!

Rocca Rails

This is the most ingenious way I've seen people use hex tiles in a game - to create 3D-like landscapes of rail tracks that look BEA-UTIFUL!! Props to Zenxacred for his review showcasing this neat little artistic gem, which you can check out below. Because really...no words can explain how awesome this is.

What non-violent board games are relaxing to you?
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