Friday, November 14, 2014

NoBloMo #13 - No Regrets

I joke a lot about not being able to attend board game cons that are out-of-state. Origins, GenCon, Dice Tower Con, and the upcoming BGGCon. Realistically, if I did, it would have to be a family trip (unless it's business, I can't stand the thought of leaving my wife and child alone for days on end), and even that's not possible, with my second kid on his way very soon. But, as a wise smart person sternly said, "NO REGRETS." And really, I shouldn't have any.

I guess my joking around is my way to deal with everyone else's enthusiasm to finally meet each other in person. It really does make me happy, though, to see a lot of awesome people meet up to play board games. Even though all my reasoning above is completely valid, I'd be remiss if I said I had no regrets for missing out. 

I have, however, been very fortunate to have met some of you (in the rare times I've been able to attend), and those moments meant the world to me. Finding and meeting people that are on the same level of excitement as I am in board games is my own personal high, and it puts the biggest smile on my face. What the best part is, this hobby has the most KINDEST people around. Whether they're YouTubers, designers, publishers, reviewers, or just other board gamers, everyone has their "people" hat on; there are no titles or roles, and people are SO friendly!

And I know I've been extended some opportunities to meet up with locals nearby at times, and sadly, due to my dynamic family schedule, I've had to turn them down. It's terrible to decline, but family always comes first.


Just because I don't get to meet people IRL (Sorry, "in real life," for those who hate acronyms), doesn't mean I'm a social hermit. One of the best outlets I have is gaming with people through online games, and right now Star Realms is fulfilling that void nicely. If you want an easy opponent, you can challenge GameritisGuy!

Also, I'm no stranger to trying out Google Hangouts. I've done so far with Robin Lees (an AWESOME fella that does a great podcast called "Whose Turn Is It Anyways") and Nigel Pyne of oddball Aeronauts (who is currently running the Kickstarter campaign for oddball Aeronauts 2). These are harder to schedule out due to time constraints, but when they work out, I really enjoy putting a face on people! Then I avert my eyes when they're uglier than I expected. Sorry, Nigel! (KIDDING!)

There's also other online gaming through Boardgame Arena and Yucata, but I haven't been to those in a while. But there's always that. Or heck...even video games online is a pleasantry that shouldn't be overlooked!

Then there's Tiffany and Zen's game of Hive on Twitter, through pics! Now THAT'S hardcore!

All I'm saying is, there's more than one way to skin a board game cat, and I shouldn't really feel bad for not meeting a lot of you. In fact, I'll feel bad for anyone that meets ME. I get so many facepalms...

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