Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NoBloMo #4 - The "Finished" Stamp of Approval

Probably the one distinguishing trademark of my blog, to me, was the "Finished" posts. At an early age, I tried to keep track of the games I finished, all on a 5.25" floppy on my mom's i386 PC. It was a simple text program that I kept adding game titles to, and printing it out like some official document, on tractor-fed paper.

Stamp of Approval

Fast-forward to today, where technology has VASTLY improved, allowing me to track anything - including game completion - online! Well, more like writing blog articles and applying my own "Finished" stamp of approval, one of my better Photoshop tools. Little did I know, it would serve me MUCH more than I thought it would for years to come.

It started simple enough; when I finished a game, I grabbed a logo, positioned the "finished" stamp logo over it, and posted my final thoughts after many hours of playing. Then I finished more games, did more posts, wrote more thoughts. Soon, I started getting into a routine of finishing games until, at one point, I began finishing games just so I can write my next "finished" post. Now, I had a direct incentive to finish a game, something that I never thought I needed a driving factor behind until I habitually cranked out "finished" posts one after another.

I honestly believe that had I not done this, I would have NEVER finished as many games as I have to date. How many have I finished, according to my posts?


Until today, I didn't bother counting how many of these I finished. So 87 sorta blew me away. Here's a picture montage of some of my conquests!

Want to find more? Do a search for "finished" on my blog, or just click here!

Tomorrow, I'll talk about my increased focus on board games on my blog lately!
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